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Having to this date created four running prototypes in total, with the Korres P4 being the ultimate demonstration of what is possible with this technology, this concept and all its nuances have now been understood on a very high level.

We are currently looking for

  • KORRES P4 PROJECT BUYERS – Individuals or Organisations who believe they have the capacity to further exploit our concept and technology. The Project includes:
  • The technical drawings and Intellectual property for Korres P4
  • The unique Korres P4 vehicle
  • Engineering Consulting to aid the new owners familiarise themselves with our technology and master it


  • PARTNERS – Existing or aspiring vehicle manufacturers in order to:
    • Continue together from where we have arrived  and produce the Korres P4
    • Create a variant of Korres P4 or an altogether different vehicle utilising our technology and know-how on all-terrain suspension, driveline and geometry.
    • Finalise an all-terrain platform for specialist vehicle applications such as military, fire fighting, police etc.

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